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Souvenir is a site specific improvised recording of the violin and is the 5th recording as part of an ongoing series of works started in 2006 called Musique sans Frontiers (Music without Borders) whereby I record in various sites and record improvised responses to them on the violin. The site was on the hill at WIREDLAB property between the two main wires. The vast amount of space from that spot, looking out over the plain to the hills in the distance, and the subtle space atmospheric harmonic's of the wires gave me the impression to play those long harmonic notes on strings. Because any recordings of the wires were only to be used for personal use it was the closest I could come to capturing a reflection of the sounds the wires actually made. Listening at the site I was made aware of sounds other than the violin, the wind became a device by which the strings were played similar to the Aeolian harp, the sound of fly's and aeroplanes and wind on the diaphragm of the mic contribute to the ambient sounds surrounding the notes of the violin. It is snapshot of the site and I hoped to capture the essence of WIREDLAB. I called the piece Souvenir, because that's what it was.
Marisa Allen - a video to accompany the track filmed on the road to wiredlab


from a quiet position: wired lab, released March 2, 2013



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