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As I stood by the dam, the paddock and the bee tree I listened, recorded and waited for a moment free of the chatter and footsteps of my fellow Wired Lab workshoppers. There was a short period of time at each location in which the natural sounds became the only sounds; an undisturbed time to listen. As I listened, I became aware of just how busy and full these quiet moments actually were with the buzzing of flies in the paddock, the croaking of frogs and insects in the dam, and the low ominous hum from the hive of the bee tree.
I began to wonder how these creatures percieved these moments of time. What seemed like a short indulgent moment to myself could be a chaotic equivalent of a day, a week or a month in the life of an insect or frog. I wondered what sounds were occurring beyond the realm of human hearing, and how these other layers may be made distinguishable through the recording and playback of sound.
As I listened to my recordings I decided to explore this concept. By shifting the perception of time and audible frequency into slow motion we are offered a glimpse into another interpretation of these moments in time; slowing the recordings by two octaves, a familiar yet other worldly quality materialises.


from a quiet position: wired lab, released March 2, 2013



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