cheryl leonard - as wind is to weather

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As Wind is to Weather is comprised of field recordings made in tempestuous weather in the Scottish Highlands, plus stone slabs played and recorded in my studio in San Francisco. Sound sources include wind and rain on a wire fence in Glenshee, water beetles and a sudden downpour in a small Loch, wind in tree branches in Glenshee, and wind blowing through heather on Carn Mor.


Here on this
cloud-kissed corrie,
verdant-washed glen,
wind-swathed munro,

The elements
hold sway.

Human concerns

Yield to the breath
of ancient topographies.


this track will also be available with the 2019 issue of 'verdure engraved' pdf arts zine:


from murmuration # 2 | view, released October 9, 2019


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Jez riley French Yorkshire, UK

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